But you are powerful!

I think we’re all suffering from collective shame: distraught and overwhelmed by the assualt on Nature, we retreat. I don’t mean retreat physically ~ many of us are active in protecting or fighting for the environment ~ but, soul wise we shrink back. I feel it in myself, this breath-holding despair at crimes perpetrated against our great Mother.

What do we do with these feelings? Acknowledge them. Sit with them. Like the stories of Buddha and Mara, invite them to tea. Do whatever is in your power to express them (for me it’s writing). Listen to them in the same way you would a friend, or a child. Without judgement. Without interruption.

What I hear behind the shame is fear.

Sit with that too, noticing and naming each as they arise . . . loss . . . suffering . . .

Ah, fear.

When we can look at our fears, when we can bring them out one at a time, into the warmth and light of the sun, we weaken them. Give them names: Bertha, Manfred, so when they visit you can welcome them,

“Oh Manfred, here you are! You arrived this time yesterday too didn’t you?”

They don’t tend to stay long once invited.


Our great Mother is unbelievably strong and she will survive. We won’t, we will pass, that is certain, but Nature will live on. She has gone through ice age after ice age, meteor strikes, atmospheric changes ~ she will live on. And so our fears? Who are they really for?

And in the meantime, commit. Commit to doing something, make a ritual of your committment: make it conscious. Plant trees ~ if you can’t plant them yourself, support an organization that does. Make it personal and be courageous! Tell everyone that your gifts to them in the coming year will be trees planted or conservation done on their behalf, with their name attached. Enjoy any reaction – your gift will benefit the world.

Be militant in your recycling, compulsive in your re-use. Sign petitions – start petitions! Follow organizations that matter on your social media; re-post positive campaigns and more especially results. Celebrate net positive changes and initiatives.

We are each of us extremely powerful. And we are each capable of choice. We can choose each thought and each action. We can make a difference.

There are so many ways:

  • get involved with your local food chain: talk to farmers at farmers’ markets
  • learn the wild plants in your area
  • take a class on mushroom identification
  • start a ferment: sauerkraut is so simple!
  • use, better still, make, natural cleaners
  • research and implement wormbins
  • dedicate money each month to conservation and education
  • conserve water
  • chew slowly
  • smile often


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