Why fairytales, why now? 

Fairytales give us an unobstructed view into the nature of the human psyche. Through their ‘simple entertainment’ we can catch glimpses of ourselves and see through the trials and tribulations of the characters, a way through the rocky path or the thorny hedge of our own lives. Fairytales are not only a map, but a guide and comfort to us as we develop, and we are always developing.

Handed down orally generation after generation, mostly by women as they worked together, they became a way to talk about issues that were difficult or even dangerous. In their written versions they are historical documents, frozen in time, detailing the particular thoughts or morals of their time (we shall talk about the written development at a future time).

In their telling there can be heard faint echoes of the old religions weaving through the
landscape and archetypes of the tale. The mythic journeys of their protagonists describe our own journey through life. Their fabulous creatures speak to us out of the dreamtime or the rich world of our own imaginations and intuition.

Each fairytale contains profound wisdom, it is up to us to unlock its secrets. We can skim
through a dozen readings without noticing any more than that we don’t particularly like that bad stepmother, or we can delve deep into the story, allowing the ‘bad’ stepmother part of ourselves to emerge and speak and then, hopefully in doing so, heal.

And why now? Because now, devoid of so much that’s deep and meaningful in our culture, separate from the magic of dark forests and talking birds, we need to make the connection. Deep into our roots, deep into that deep wisdom and magic within us. Deep into the dreamtime.

The Ancients believed medicine needed to contain a ‘mythic’ element. It is through myth,
through story that we can begin to heal our souls and our spirits. Welcome then the giants and ogresses, the talking frogs and the houses on chicken feet.

We are ready.

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